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This website contains the research of Jennifer Kassing. Without the prior research of her mother, Faye Carroll Kassing, Lillian Annette Carroll Cole, Richard Carroll, Alma Carroll, and Nadine Nabors it would have been impossible to solve the mystery of the Carroll family of Barnwell County. I would also like to thank my uncle, Arlie O'Bryant Carroll for allowing us to use his Y-DNA to finally connect the missing members of this Carroll family giving us a complete picture for the first time.     

I grew up hearing stories about Abraham Carroll's line and how many hours were spent in research by not just my family but countless others. Please be respectful of the amount of time that this family and the above mentioned people have put into researching these lines to be able to share a tree with you. Please do not copy this information without crediting the researcher who provided it. 

Reconstructions of Carroll families were compiled by Jennifer Kassing and Nadine Nabors. I would like to thank Nadine for the all the late night emails and countless hours she has spent working on these lines with me. Please note these are our family reconstructions and they are constantly being edited and corrected as we transcribe more documents. 

This Carroll Line has a very unique marker, a rare Y-DNA Null value for the 425 marker.
We hope this website will encourage other Carroll descendants to have their DNA tested to prove their relationship to this line. We are especially hoping to find a descendant of Thomas Carroll Jr's and William Carroll's lines. Please see the DNA/Clan Colla page for links to FTDNA projects. 

We have been able to determine through autosomal DNA that the Bartholomew Rivers Carroll, Charles Rivers Carroll and Francis F. Carroll groups (that are all related to each other) are NOT related to the Carroll family discussed on this website. 

We also believe the same is true for William Wilson Carroll and his son William Carroll. Wilson Carroll is allied with the Lard family of Long Branch, Turkey Creek and Buck Creek. 
We are still waiting to find a descendant of Wilson Carroll to test. 
There are members of the Carroll group discussed on this website that generations later live near Long Branch and are buried at Long Branch.

If you have any questions or comments please use the contact us form.