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South Carolina
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Other known connections between Thomas Carroll Sr. and the Sampson/Duplin/Bladen County North Carolina Carrolls
The only connections between Thomas Carroll Sr and Sampson/Duplin/Bladen North Carolina that are known at this time are his relationships with Abraham Odom's and Joshua Lee's family. 

Odom Family
Abraham Odom (d: 1840 Barnwell County, SC) is said to be from North Carolina. The son of John Odom who was also from North Carolina (per Wells Family Tree, There is also a Abraham Odom who died in Duplin County, North Carolina c. 1812 (per Geni trees). Abraham Odom signed Thomas Carroll Sr will and acted a a witness on all documents relating to his administration of his estate. Thomas Carroll Jr also signed Abraham Odom's will. Abraham Odom lived next to Thomas Carroll Sr on Windy Hill Creek. Mary Carroll married Abraham Odom.

Lee Family
Joshua Lee land locations match known NC Carroll and SC Carroll locations: Joshua Lee purchased a tract of land in Duplin County, NC from James Kenan in 1772 and sold to King Vann on the 18 Feb 1780 for 2000 pounds. A portion of this tract of land was bought by Jesse Carroll, Sr in 1784. Written on the 12 Feb 1780 for Joshua Lee for 100 acres on the east side of the Six Runs and was recorded 28 Sept 1785. (John Carroll another Carroll DNA match owned land on Six Runs)
"Two other deeds seem most certainly to involve Jesse the soldier. On 11 Apr 1784, King Vann deeded to Jesse Carroll, both of Duplin County, 75 acres for 25 pounds. The deed covered land that had been part of a tract granted to Joseph Williams and part of a tract granted to Joshua Lee described as on the East side of Six Runs and lying in the fork of Stewart’s Creek.” From research on Jesse Carroll by Oakey Mertz: 

Joshua Lee from Duplin County, NC who moved to Barnwell County, SC was listed one neighbor from Thomas Carroll on Windy Hill Creek area in Barnwell County on the 1800 census. 
1800 Census Barnwell County 
Thomas Carroll
Thomas McKinney 
Joshua Lee (from Duplin County, NC)

Per Deeds and the Deed referenced above
Joshua Lee shared land lines (was a neighbor) to the Duplin/Sampson/Bladen County Carrolls in NC.

1783-King Vann to Jesse Carroll, 150 acres East side of the Six Runs upper of Stewart's Creek. Running on Carroll's own line...meaning Jesse already owned land next to this plat. 

Traced back to these deeds:
1780-Joshua Lee to King Vann, 300 Acres
Six Runs, Stewart's Creek sharing lines with his own line, Joseph Carroll, Stephen Brown
1780- Joshua Lee to King Vann 325 acres
Stewart's Creek, sharing lines with William Stephens, Joshua Lee, and Isreal Carroll 

​Research on Joshua Lee by Carol Lee Vickery from her "Carol Lee Vickery Tree." Carol Lee Vickery even had Brent Holcomb weight in on her research before connecting the Joshua Lee of NC to the Joshua Lee of Barnwell County, SC.
Joshua Lee also owned land Little SaltCatchers (Salkehatchie) in Barnwell County, SC which then passed to Joshua Lee, Jr.  

Joshua Lee’s great granddaughter married Thomas Carroll Sr’s grandson.
Joshua Lee b. 1754 Edgecomb County, NC d. 1813
Joshua Lee b. 1774 Duplin County, NC d. Barnwell County, SC Dec 1807
Stephen Lee b. 1798 Bladen County, NC d. Dale County, AL
Elizabeth Lee b. 1820 Barnwell County, SC d. Barbour County, AL m. John C. Carroll b.1814 (son of Thomas Carroll, Jr and Sarah Walker)

It also appears the NC Carroll group remove the same part of Barbour, AL as the SC Carroll group mentioned on this website. In a email from Keith Wade from 9/20/2015 he stated that:
I actually have two different Carroll lines in my family. They are not connected down here. Meaning they never crossed married here. In fact the other line is pretty much non existing here anymore. That line comes from Duplin, NC through a John Carroll born about 1740 who had a son John C. Carroll who had a son named Mason who left NC and settled in Thomasville GA. He had a son named Isham who came to Barbour. He is another Grandfather of mine on a different line.  
My understanding is that there are two main Carroll Brothers that came to the USA at the same time to NC and that is where most of the Carroll's come through. That John is supposed to be one of those brothers."​

Dempsey Carroll Removed to South Carolina:
John Carroll, of the Six Runs d. 1761, Thomas Carroll d. 1764, and Dempsey Carroll (b.c. 1740) were some of the earliest Carrolls in the Duplin/Sampson/Bladen County area. 

Dempsey Carroll by his own account of his birth from his Pension Application for Service in the American Revolution given 29th day of January 1833 in the County Court of Wilcox in the State of Alabama stated he was born on the 22 of December 1762 in Duplin County, NC.  
He was asked the following and replied:
2nd: Have you any record of your age and if so where is it?
A. I have no record of my age except a record I made myself according my Father’s account of my age when and where I was born etc.—that record is lived in South Carolina
3rd: Where were you living when called into service: where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live?
A: I was living in Duplin County in the state of North Carolina when called into service. I afterwards removed to South Carolina and from hence to Wilcox County in the State of Alabama where I now live. The date of my removal I do not recollect  

According to Dempsey Carroll's account above at least one member of his family or extended family was still living in South Carolina in 1833. 

SC 1810 Census-Dempsey Carroll​
Dempsey Carroll can be found on the 1810 Census of Salem, Sumter, South Carolina. 
Number of household members under 16: 9 
Number of Household members over 25: 2
Total number of household members: 13

Dempsey Carroll was also seen in South Carolina State Plat books
Date: 11/26/1811
Surveyed on: 16th Day of August 1811
For 370 Acres on Dials and Mill Bay, the South side of Douglas Swamp, Sumter District adjoining one side on Benjamin Lavender’s line
Also mentioned: William Clark and Daniel Dubose 

On the 8th October 1813 Dempsey Carroll sells the above tract of land to John Cole for one hundred and fifty dollars. Witnessed by B. C. Sanders and John Durant. Then on the 30th of October 1813, Jane Carroll wife of Dempsey Carroll appeared before Daniel Dubose one of the Justices of the Quorum for Sumter District to relinquish her rights and claim of Dower on the said tract of land.