Carroll Family of Barnwell County, 
South Carolina
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Abraham "Abram" Carroll (Jacob, Thomas Sr.) b. abt.1803-1805 Barnwell County, South Carolina d. bef. 5 Oct. 1868 Barnwell County, South Carolina. He married: 
1) Sarah “Sally” Hartzog b. abt 1805 Barnwell County, South Carolina m. bef. 1829 Barnwell County, South Carolina d. after 19th June 1880 Barnwell County, South Carolina. Sarah Hartzog was the daughter of Daniel Hartzog and Susannah Zorn. Sarah's maiden name is confirmed on the death certificate of her son Edward Carroll. Also "Sarah and Abram Carrel" are seen on her uncle's, Nicholas Zorn, loose probate papers. Susannah Zorn and Daniel Hartzog are seen on the will of Susannah's father, Henry Zorn.  
    Children of Abraham Carroll and Sarah Hartzog: 
    Isaiah Carroll b.1829 d. between 1860-1868 
            married: Sarah Unknown (it was noted that he had a wife and children in Abraham’s will)
            Children: Mary J. Carroll b. 1848, Lucinda Carroll b. 1851, Milledge Carroll b. 1853
    A.R.E. Carroll b. 1833 d. 1905 (Abraham called him A.R.E. not just R.E. in his will, see below)
             married: Sarah Ann Nevils
            Children: Martha Carroll, George Carroll, Mary Carroll, Hannor (possibly Bannor) P. Carroll, William Thomas Carroll, James             Obadiah Carroll 
    **Jacob Carroll b. 1835 d. 1865 
            married: Mary Almena Nevils 
            Children: Charles Raymond Carroll, Paul Carroll, John Jefferson Carroll and Sarah Carroll Hanberry
    Catherine Carroll b. 1836 
            married: Elijah Ford 
            Children: Preston Ford, John Ford, Furman Ford, Emmerson Ford, Martha Ford, Mary Ford, James Ford, Joseph Ford, Kate Ford  
    **Henry Carroll b.1843 d. 1865 (death date per Dianne Carroll's research)
            Found on Census with Abraham Carroll 
    **Edward Carroll b. 1845 d. 1916 
            married: 1) Mary Ogden 2) Mary Riley*
            *Mary Riley is the daughter of Charles Riley and Sarah Green, Sarah Green m. 1) Charles Riley 2) Osborn Dykes per Nadine                      Nabors. Edward had children with Mary Ogden but did not have children with Mary Riley. 
            Children: Elliot Carroll, Johnson Rivers Carroll, Mary A. Carroll 
    **William Benjamin Carroll (W.B.) b. 20 June 1846  d. 5 June 1928 
            married: Caroline "Carrie" Dare Williams
            Children: Mary Carroll, Ruth Carroll Still, Samuel J Carroll, Harriet Carroll, Starling Benjamin Carroll 
    Joseph C. Carroll b. 1848 
            married: Alice Cooper
    Martha Carroll (Ann or Alletha Carroll) b. 1851 
            married: Never married (seen on the 1880 census with Sarah Carroll and David Carroll)
    Elizabeth Carroll b. 1853 
            married: Unknown
    George H, Carroll b. 1854 d.1912 
            married: Margurite Dykes
            Children: Henry Carroll, Rebecca Carroll Owens, Mary Carroll Collins, Ida Carroll Barber, Golie Vastine Carroll   
    David Carroll b. 1858 d. 1927 
            married: Ellen Miles
            Children: Ester Carroll, Arthur Carroll, Earnest Carroll, Annie Lou Carroll, David Carroll  
    ** Served in Company B 2nd Regiment SC Artillery (Edward and William were "paroled at Greensboro, NC 1865")

The earliest mention of Abraham Carroll we have found is recorded the 5th of Dec 1830 where he and his wife Sarah were given (5.12 1/2) a grand niece's share in the probated estate of Nicholas Zorn in Barnwell County, SC.  

Abraham Carroll's name on the 1840 census for Barnwell County, SC. 
He is seen with the following in his household:
Name:Abraham Carrel
[Abraham Carrol] 
Home in 1840 (City, County, State):Barnwell, South Carolina
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:1
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:1
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:1
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39:1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1
Persons Employed in Agriculture:2
No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write:2
Free White Persons - Under 20:4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:2
Total Free White Persons:6
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:6

Abraham Carroll is shown on the 1840 census living next to his brother, Burton Carroll. The 1840 census for Abraham Carroll and Burton Carroll and Jacob Carroll's 1820 census all appear to be in a similar location if not the same location for these two groups (see Location by Neighbors page). 
I have not been able to locate Abraham Carroll on the 1850 census. He does appear on the 1850 U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules for Agriculture in Barnwell County, SC. This document shows Abraham Carroll owned land that he used as Agricultural Land on Windy Hill Creek. We know the location is on Windy Hill Creek based on his neighbors and their known locations. 
Name:Abraham Caroll
Location:Barnwell, South Carolina, USA
Enumeration Date:9 Aug 1860
Schedule Type:Agriculture
OS Page:19
Line Number:29

He is seen near the following neighbors:
Elias Lee
Obadiah Nevils (Abraham's sister Elizabeth Carroll married Obadiah Nevils. Per death notice he was killed between Elko and Blackville)
Abraham Carroll
George Nevils
John Welch
Joseph Holoman
Newport Head (Granted "Windy Hill Plantation", from Henry Hartzog the 12th of January 1835. Lived at Windy Hill Plantation) 
John Ziegler
Lewis Odom (Abraham's cousin son of Mary Carroll Odom and Abraham Odom. Lived on Windy Hill Creek)
Mary Odom (Abraham's Aunt Mary Carroll daughter of Thomas Carroll, Sr married Abraham Odom. Lived on Windy Hill Creek)
Thomas Odom (Abraham's cousin son of Mary Carroll Odom and Abraham Odom. Lived on Windy Hill Creek)

This is an important piece of the puzzle. This Agriculture schedule shows Abraham Carroll owned property he used for Agriculture on Windy Hill Creek. On Jacob Carroll's 1800 census we find him in the same close location to Thomas Carroll, Sr as Abraham is shown to Mary Odom on this census. Abraham Odom owned the land next to Windy Hill Plantation. On the list above, the location of Windy Hill Plantation is shown as the residence as Newport Head. 
We know Abraham Carroll shows up in apparently the same location on his 1840 census as Jacob Carroll appeared on his 1820 census. We also know that Abraham Carroll shows up in apprarently the same location on his 1850 Agriculture Schedule as Jacob Carroll appeared on his 1800 census on Windy Hill Creek (just down from his Father Thomas Carroll, Sr). ​

We next see Abraham Carroll mentioned as owning land on Toby's Creek in 1853. William Carroll and Benjamin Carroll mentioned in this document is Abraham's nephews. 
To R.E. Fowke Esq ordinary the humble petition of William Carroll and wife Julia Ann formerly Julia Ann Shipes. She with that Allen Shipes late of Barnwell District de’cd seized of a certain tract or tracts of land on or near the head of Cain Piece Waters of Toby’s Creek the one Tract containing one hundred and one acres the other sixty eight acres adjoining each other bounded on the lands of James Still, Alex Templeton (hard to read), Benjamin Carroll (brother to the William mentioned in the petition), William Gilliam, and Abram Carroll (uncle of William and Benjamin) .
Your petitioners further she with that the distributes of the said Allen Shipes are your petionershis widow Sarah now the wife of William Gilliam and five infant children viz Martha Ann Shipes, Lavina Ann, Jacob J, James B. and Nancy Ann
That the said two tracts contain by the plat of the same one hundred and sixty nine acres and that sale thereof would conduce to the interest of the distributes your petitioners therefore prays that the said Tract or tracts of land may be divided or sold at such time and on such terms as to this honorable court shall seem fit. November 30 1853
Wiiliam E. SmithWilliam CarrollJulia Ann Carroll 

Abraham Carroll shows up on the 1860 census for Barnwell County, SC. 
He is shown with the following in his household:
Name:Abraha Caroll
[Abraham Carroll] 
Birth Year:abt 1803
Birth Place:South Carolina
Home in 1860:Barnwell, South Carolina
Post Office:Blackville
Family Number:524
Value of Real Estate:View image
Household Members:
Abraha Caroll57
Sarah Caroll44
Henry Caroll17
Edward Caroll14
William Caroll12
Joseph Caroll10
Alletha Caroll9
Elisabeth Caroll7
George Caroll6
David Caroll2

On Abraham Carroll’s 1860 census it lists a Henry Carroll b. 1843. Henry Carroll must have died before Abraham wrote his will and without having children and a wife. Abraham mentions even his predeceased children in his will and Henry is not mentioned.
The other unknown child mentioned on the 1860 census was Alletha Carroll. Alletha’s dates match Martha (Mattie) Carroll. Martha (Mattie) is not listed on this census. It appears that Alletha is Martha (Mattie) Carroll.

Abraham Carroll appears in the probated estate records of Henry W. Kirkland from 23 July 1863. Abraham is shown as owing his estate $7.75, it appears the Kirklands owned a store near Blackville, SC. 

Abraham Carroll died before the 5th Oct 1868. His son, Edward Carroll, on the 5 Oct 1868 sent a letter to the Ordinary requesting his letters of administration to settle his father's estate. The children of Abraham Carroll and Sarah Hartzog Carroll are clearly named by their father in his will. Even his pre-deceased children with heirs of their own are mentioned in Abraham's will.