Carroll Family of Barnwell County, 
South Carolina
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One interesting connection between the Sampson/Duplin NC Carroll family and and the Barnwell County, SC Carroll family is that they were members of Baptist Churches. 

From research on Jesse Carroll by Oakey Mertz:  
"One of the more interesting sources I found on this family were papers that detailed the NC Carroll family found as part of the Maryland Historical Society file on the distinguished MD Carroll family. These papers detailed the involvement of the NC Carrolls and the Southern Baptist Church.
Jesse’s son John, brother of Jesse Jr., had many sons including Benajah and John Durham (JD) and from this line flowed a series of Baptist ministers who ranged across the South and ended up in various positions of importance in the southern Baptist Church."

Double Pond Baptist Church
From Lem Lancaster's transcriptions from Double Pond Baptist Church in Blackville, South Carolina which can been viewed here for the whole trancscription
Lem Lancaster's Transcription of the 1843 Church Roster we find the following Carrolls and allied family members:
William Carroll                            Miss. Frances Carroll (later member) 
Abraham Carroll                          Mrs. Leanora Carroll (later member) 
Burton Carroll
Benjamin Carroll
Jacob Shipes
David Shipes
Mary Carroll 
Elizabeth Carroll 
Sarah Carroll (Sarah Hartzog Carroll)
Elizabeth Nevils (Elizabeth Carroll Nevils) 
Mary Jowers (Mary Carroll Jowers)
There are also Nevils, Blume, Still, Whaley and Delk members.                          
                                                                                                                    Double Pond Baptist Church, Photo taken by
                                                                                                                Faye Carroll Kassing and Lillian Annette Carroll Cole 
                                                                                                                                        5 April 2004

W.B. Carroll and Carrie Carroll markers at Double Pond Baptist Church.
Photos taken by Faye Carroll Kassing and Lillian Annette Carroll Cole
                                    5 April 2004 
The only Carroll buried at Double Pond is W.B. Carroll (son of Abraham Carroll) 
                    and his wife Carrie Williams Carroll

Healing Springs Baptist Church (just north of Blackville, SC)
Healing Springs Church has been long rumored as the burial place for Abraham Carroll and his wife Sarah Hartzog. To date no one has been able to prove this connection. But, descendants from at least three lines of Abraham Carroll all have heard the same story about him being buried there. According to the sign at "Healing Springs" and other entries on "Healing Springs" Nathaniel Walker (ancestor of Sarah Walker who married Thomas Carroll, Jr) first purchased/traded for land in this area from the Native Americans. Thomas Carroll Sr.'s plantation was located just up Windy Hill Creek from Healing Springs. We believed Jacob Carroll removed from Windy Hill to his own land prior to the 1800 census were he is seen living next to Thomas Washington. 

Ashleigh Baptist Church (just south of Blackville, SC)  
Ashleigh Baptist Church is located just south of the Barnwell State Park (this land originally belonged to the Jowers family). In the obituary of George Burdick Nevils it stated he was a member of Ashleigh Baptist Church. George Nevils is the son of Elizabeth Carroll Nevils and Obadiah Nevils. Per George Burdick Nevil's death certificate Georgia Death Certificate 30331 2 Dec 1922 his mother was listed as Eliza Carroll. We believe she is the daughter of Jacob Carroll (Thomas Carroll Sr son). Obituary of George Burdick Nevils posted to the "Carroll Tree" on by Barbara Beagles. 
My line is descended from Abraham Carroll (William Benjamin, Starling, Arlie O'Bryant Sr). My grandfather was also a member of Ashleigh Baptist Church. Arlie O'Bryant Carroll Sr was buried at Ashleigh Baptist in 1978 (his wife Annie Lou Morris Carroll Hartzog was just buried there May 2015). Every summer as a child I was dropped off at my grandmother's house and taken to Ashleigh Baptist Church for vacation bible school. I was even married on Hilton Head Island by the current minister at Ashleigh Baptist Church.

                       Arlie O'Bryant Carroll is buried at Ashleigh Baptist Church. 
                     Photo taken by Jennifer Kassing Bradley, 5 August 2009

Other Chuches known to have Carrolls buried in Barnwell County include:
Springtown Baptist
Ghent Branch Baptist
Carroll Place Cemetery (Carroll, Birt Jowers Cemetery)
Joyce Branch
Long Branch Baptist Church

The Mormon Connection
It has come to this researcher's attention that several Carroll families have converted to the LDS church after removing from South Carolina. This researcher is unaware of any Carrolls still in South Carolina who have converted to any other denomination besides Baptist.