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South Carolina
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Arlie O’Bryant Carroll, Jr Kit #303983 [Thomas Sr. (1), Jacob (2), Abraham (3), William Benjamin (4), Starling (5), Arlie O’Bryant Senior (6)] is a DNA match to CLAN COLLA because he had a rare null value (0) for marker 425. Further testing and research has moved the Carroll 1 subgroup from this Clan into the "Clan Colla Cousins" bracket which means these descendants are considered to be cousins of the Three Collas, Rulers of the Kingdom of Airgialla (Oriel). 

Arlie O'Bryant Carroll's kit shows the Genetic Distance to the following kits who trace their lineage back to the Carrolls from Barnwell County, SC. (updated kits 9/28/2021)
Kit #                 Descendant                          Genetic Distance      
MK33434        Abraham Carroll              GD0 (exact match to Y-12)
19059             Brittin (Burton) Carroll      GD0 (exact match to Y-37)  
​828852           Burton Carroll                  GD0 (exact match to Y-67)     

From Peter Beggins 8/21/2015 (Admin of Carroll surname group at FTDNA and co-admin of the Null 425 Clan Colla surname group) 
"Hello Jennifer,
I see 67- and 111-marker results are in for your uncle, Carroll 303983. He has a genetic distance of 6 from our 67-marker Clan Colla modal DNA. He has all four unique Clan Colla markers: 511=9, 425=0, 505=9, 441=12
He has the Carroll1 unique marker: 445=11.
He has 67-marker GDs of 1 to 5 from the other 19 members of the Carroll 1 subgroup. Attached is a matrix of GDs.
He has 111-marker GDs of 5, 6, and 8 from the other 6 members of the Carroll 1 subgroup who have tested 111 markers." 

Updated information from Peter Biggins 9/20/2021 
"Our Carroll 1 subgroup is relatively large. But, due to some good genealogical work, it seems to be traceable back to perhaps only one Carroll family who lived in Colonial America. Half of Carroll 1 testers say that their ancestry goes back to Ireland, but there are no details. I am afraid they say Ireland because they are associated with Clan Colla. Their early Colonial American ancestry suggests that they came from England. Carroll 1 has Z16270 DNA, which we feel is composed of cousins of the Three Collas. We feel that the Three Collas went to Ulster in the 4th century from England. Some of their cousins also went to Ireland over the years. Many never did.
The Z18003 SNP shared by Carroll and Hendrickson goes back to 1200 AD.

There is a fabulous site about the DNA study of the Three Collas and how they determined the DNA was from this group. The site is run by Peter Biggins. His website title page is called "DNA of the Three Collas."

The goal of this website to try and find other Carroll descendants from these lines and have them also tested on FTDNA. We hope they will join not only the Carroll Project but also the Clan Colla project. Below are links to both sites. Please contact me if you have any questions about Y-DNA testing.
From Wikipedia on “Airgialla” (
“In the beginning of the 4th century, three warlike princes, called the Three Collas, sons of Eochy Doimhlein, son of Cairbre Lifeachar, legendary High King of Ireland, of the race of Érimón, made a conquest of a great part of Ulster, which they wrested from the old possessors, princes of the race of Ir, called the Clanna Rory, or Rudericians.
The origins of Airgialla stem from the Battle of Achadh Leithdheirg fought c331 in "Fearnmhagh" - old Farney, a disputed battle site between: Dartree, Monaghan,[10] Farney, Monaghan[11] and Aghaderg Parish, County Down.[12]
In this battle the forces of the Three Collas defeated the forces of Fergus Foga, king of Ulster, of the Ulaid who was slain; and the victors burned to the ground Emain Macha or Emania, (near the present city of Armagh,) the famous palace of the Ulaid kings, which had stood for six centuries, and had been long celebrated by the Irish bards. The sovereignty of Ulster thus passed from the race of Ir to the race of Heremon. The names of the three chiefs were Colla Uais, or Colla the noble, Colla Meann, or Colla the famous, and Colla da Chroich, or Colla of the two territories. Colla Uais became monarch of Ireland 327, and died in 332. The territory conquered by the three Collas comprised the present counties of Louth, Monaghan, and Armagh."